Trust in Mother Nature

No matter what you do or how hard you work to preserve the garden, mother nature always has the last word. All the elements that compose the garden are governed by the elements provided by mother nature. Good or bad, timely or untimely. I have grown thousands of wonderful plants and watched them thrive. I have had hundreds of plants perish while under my care. Not just the cheap ones! While this experience is a sad one, it is a simple fact that one needs to be cognizant of. (more)

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Spring's arrival. It's proclamation can be observed by the Forsythia bloom. Seek it where you live. Watch and follow it.

The Gardens

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I have had three major gardens thus far. The circumstances and requirements for each are unique. Growing factors and seasonal changes. Choose from the links above to get a detailed account of each one. Just what happens to make a garden flourish! Austin, a full landscape experience in the heat of the Texas. Alto, a 1/2 acre mountain garden with outrageous weather shifts in New Mexico. San Antonio, back to Texas but a potted garden at a rental property with amazing results.

Flickr Images

An image treat of my photography work portraying the gardens presented online via Flickr. Click on the rotar links in the image box below to visit the Flickr pages. (more)

A Gardener's Beginnings

It all started when I was quite young. My father was an avid gardener and was constantly seeking our help. "Our help" meaning me and my brothers. I was always the one that got caught and spent many hours pulling the weeds from the lawn and other odd tasks that any young man dreaded. Eventually I would sneak off to play, but as a general rule, It provided many hours of work as well. Later I would form an appreciation for what I had accomplished. That lush green manicured lawn to play on. The foundation of many experiences to come. (more)

Getting Past Humility

The expression "I have no green thumb" is commonly used to indicate ones lack of talent for keeping things alive. People that have no interest in gardening or are embarrassed by their previous experiences rarely make an effort to take on the challenge that has been presented to them. Like anything else life throws at you, one must be willing to put forth the effort to achieve satisfactory results. This holds especially true in the garden.
One has to commit a certain amount of time. This is where you decide just how much of a garden you can handle. Whether it's a few house plants, some potted plants on the patio, a full acre or more. (more)

Plan Everything

The best way to insure success is to take the time to plan the garden taking ALL things into consideration. Soil quality, drainage, sun light hours - no, not just this day but all year long. How much sun when the tree drops it's leaves? What angle the sun will be passing at different times of the year? How much shade five years from now? A shadowcaster! How much space will each plant require upon planting? It will certainly grow larger. Picking the right plants for the shady areas. Height considerations. Support issues. (more)

Making Better Choices

Sometimes we crave a plant that is not supposed to grow well in our area due to natural laws of the plant. This does not mean you cannot grow them (in most cases) it just means you will have to be able to commit the extra time and care for the plant and accept the possibility of failure is much higher. (more)

Divide and Conquer

Sometimes you are either blessed with or cursed with large garden spaces. It all comes down to how much time we have to spend working in the garden.


Plant care products

Flora & Fauna

Lovely garden, beautiful deer - what could possible go wrong?


Garage Sales

Want to find the obscure items that you will never see in stores? Enter the garage sale. There are things that I would not have even considered a garden piece until I see those little delights that give our garden that unique character which sets it apart. (more)